Under Our Beautiful tent (GinaBass)

Gina Bass Photo Credit: GNOC
Poem By: Saffiatou Joof
Our gold winner, a chosen national gem,
Putting up an efforts like a stem,
So witty to swing you with surprises,
That would grow to bear fruits,
In the middle of a daylight then trends.
“Gina Bass, Awo yaye Halam”,
Like Demba meyti wonna, dila gerrem”.
Breaking records and crossing bridges.
By passing the beat breed of tall woods,
Surrender to the point of strength,
You sweat it further, jumps all,
“Ndakh danga nopi teh nyimehh, harreng”.
Who can be like her in the lane of gym,
Training regularly with a dream,
She work it, sweat it and brought it home.
“Dua nding mbaa jabitta” history was made.
The motherland is feeling proud.
In the crowds of konya Olympic in turkey,
Gina strongly got crown.
Glimsing the beautiful face of her ‘tamanya”,
Got in return fill up space of her “borri nya”.
Not slow like a lion running for a feast.
But even a cheese can’t melt from such a heat.
So quick to realize that Gina has finished.
Giggle from the smile of the teddy bears,
A price you work with no petty gears.
Oh Gambia, I call for her decor,
Speciality in return for her welfare ,
Because Gina is a gem so rare to be seen.
Uniting a whole nation like a queen,
Walking in the tower to see the flower.
Its a breath taken on the map shining,
Who dare doubts what Gina can bring?.


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