Undocumented Lady killed by runaway taxi driver

Cadet ASP Binta Njie, Police Spokeswoman

An unidentified taxi driver believed to be on a hit-and-run on Saturday night, February 25, 2023, knocked down a lady. The deceased, who was not found with any document to prove her identity, reportedly died on the spot of the incident.

Residents of Yarambamba expressed anger over the action of the taxi driver who refused to stop after hitting the undocumented Lady to death.

The late Lady in the picture was reportedly hit by an unknown taxi driver on the coastal road while trying to cross the street to Yarambamba Estate.

The bystanders did not recall the vehicle number of the taxi driver, and the late Lady needed to be with national identification to confirm who she was.

The Police say they are aware of the incident but cannot equally establish the perpetrator. However, they confirmed that her husband later identified the deceased, who was not known initially.

As the Police sent strict advice to the public to be cautioned when crossing the road, they also issued drivers a solid warning to follow traffic rules for other road users’ safety.

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