Picture: Basse Mini Stadium
Picture: Basse Mini Stadium

By Foday Manneh
The Upper River Region Youth Committee was on Friday, December 24, taken to court by the CEO of Malang Baa Promotion, Lamin Malang for denying him access to use the Basse Youth Center for his annual music event, the “Basse MIC Festival”. This follows their refusal last year.

“Last year in 2020, I was denied access to use the youth center and at the last minute for a renovation purpose, so I cooperated with them and moved the show to another venue, even though it was not convenient for us,” Lamin said.
“This year again, I paid for the center for the 9th edition and I had confidence in gaining access. Some weeks ago, I saw information on social media showing renovation going on there again. I called and engaged the committee on several occasions regarding the possibility of having the show in the center. I was still given the assurance that the show will go ahead, until this Thursday a day before my concert, they inform me that I can no longer do the show in the center which is disappointing.” Lamin added.

The CEO says this is why he is suing the committee, describing their attitude as a disgrace, selfishness, and sabotage of his events.

The Basse Youth Center under the domain of the Regional Youth Committee has served as the biggest ground for most social events including community gatherings and musical concerts.

The center has been undergoing numerous renovations over the years. However, we engaged the Youth Center manager, Essa Drammeh who chose not to speak about the matter but the committee’s chairman, Bubacarr Sidibeh confirmed that the program won’t be taken place at the center due to ongoing works.

The center is due to host its first event (musical concert) upon completion of the said renovation on January 1st, 2022 according to the event host clearly frustrated by the committee’s cancellation of his program.

This move to approve one show and deny the other in the space of five days has forced most of the youth to take to social media to condemn the committee’s actions.


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