TRRC Findings Name 44 Cases of Criminal Liability

Justice minister
Justice minister

By Mafugi Ceesay

The Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) finally released its report naming 44 cases of criminal liabilities among which ex-President Yahya Jammeh, his Junglers, the military Junta, and NIA are adversely mentioned for prosecutable crimes.

The former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh is found to be responsible for the rape of Toupha Jallow, a protected witness.

The Former Gambian dictator, Yahya Jammeh and Dr. Tamsir Mbowe also bear responsibility for the death of 40 HIV/Aids patients.
Yahya Jammeh and his junglers are also liable for the torture of inmates in 2006.

TRRC Witness

Meanwhile, The Gambia government also said all witnesses who testified before the TRRC and have shown remorse are given 14 days to apply for amnesty through the truth commission who will recommend whether the individual should be considered. Further investigation will be carried out and the commission will reliably informed about rejections and their motive.

The minister of justice, Dawda Jallow said there is no save heaven for anybody who has committed torture, which the Gambia is currently unable to hear cases of torture.

Offenders working in government,
Minister Jallow said his government will inform the public on its stand for those adversely mentioned in the truth commission report as well as the working government.

Minister Jallow reiterated that the setting of the TRRC could not have happened without the support of the UN, civil society groups and state institutions among other partners.

The truth commission has heard from over 300 witnesses with the body submitting its report to the President in November 2021. The law requires and guarantees open public access to the document.

The Gambia’s attorney General assured the governments commitment in implementing the report promising to publish a white paper on future guidelines within five months.

Soft copies of the document will be uploaded to the website of the ministry of justice including its Twitter among other social media platforms.

The road to justice is still a long one, bringing such challenges such as the question over adequate monetary compensations and other processes towards reparations and reconciliation.

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