‘We Have to Look into the Issues of Community Radios Critically’- President Barrow

President Adama Barrow Photo Credit: State House Media

President Adama Barrow has emphatically stated that Gambians must critically look into the issues of community radios operating in the country.

President Barrow said that the overall number of Gambians criticizing his regime and personality on social media is less than one hundred people who cannot even build a house for their chicken in their compounds.

He made these remarks on Friday, April 21, 2023, at Statehouse in Banjul while addressing the Banjul Muslim Elders, Members of the Supreme Islamic Council, the Ahmadiyya Jamat, and Mauritania Islamic Council in Gambia, among others.

The Gambian President also alleges that some of his critics on social media are merely paid by agents to bend on criticizing his regime, thus tainting his image and personality.

“They have spoken about social media, but for me, I will not limit myself to that; the Gambian Media, in general, that’s the television and the radio but especially the radio. Therefore, we should critically look into the issue of radio, especially the community radios established for sensitization of people and preaching good in the country,” President Barrow expressed his fears towards the community radios.

He added: “At this moment, everybody is going to the radio criticizing the government, saying lots of things that will make people dislike the government, an act that can bring violence, and if this violence occurs, no one knows where it will end. They have spoken here about the issue of social media, but I want to state that most people making the talk on social media have a problem in their houses, but they will not put that on social media.”

The Gambian President continue to question the social media critics for not focusing on their problems but keen on criticizing his regime, observing that most critics have no cause to attack him and must understand that social media will not solve the problems.

“We must be ready to dialogue and unite with the government to achieve the needed development the country yearns for.”

“If you look at the number of people criticizing the government on social media is not much; if you analyze it, it will not be more than 100 people who are speaking on social media. But, yet, they are the ones speaking everywhere, the ones going to the radios, the ones destroying, and any beautiful company they see, they will snap it, take it to the social media and allege it belongs to me,” President Barrow further alleged.

According to him, any big and beautiful building that his social media critics see in the Gambia, they will quickly snap and upload it on social media with the sole intention of displeasing the citizens against his regime, adding that such critics need advice which may eventually lead them to go back to their senses and turned a new leaf.

“If you look carefully at the people criticizing social media and profile them, you will discover that most of them have no use for the Gambia, they are very useless, and they cannot even build a chicken house in their compounds,” he said.

President Barrow continued to assure the Gambian people that very soon he would leave power, such as former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara and Yahya Jammeh, who got all the wealth, police, army, devils, and evils on his site, adding that with all the powers and authorities have gone and very soon he President Adama Barrow will go.


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