Xam- Xam Band to launch new debut Album


By: Mamour M Mbenga

Musa Moob and the Xam Xam Band residing in England, United Kingdom, are set to launch a debut album titled ‘Catching The Grove,’ a nine (9) songs compilation music project to be officially released on 20th July in England.

The album is a world music production with an African and European taste, unifying and recognizing the differences between African and Western music.

The prominent percussionist and singer Musa Mboob Mbalahal is one of the leading founders of Gambian cultural music.

He said: ‘The catching The Grove album was produced by the band. The band will tour Europe – Africa after the official launching.’

According to him, the band has produced a quality music project to set the difference from their previous albums.

He emphasizes that quality music consists of various elements to make it a good production for public benefit.

The famous percussionist is a music enthusiast and a cultural ambassador at home and abroad in promoting African norms and values to the broader world. Musa spent decades in traditional music and cultural ceremonies.

He participates in various musical platforms, festivals, workshops, art exhibitions, and international cultural exchange programs.

With many years of experience in the global music industry, he has played with a large number of bands, including Ifang Bondi, Boka Halat, Gelawarr, Njom Music Band, Joko, TAPS, African Express, Alan Skidmore & Ubizo, among others.

Musa is an agent of change in the society. He has uplifted and grown many young talents in the industry, at home, and abroad.

He further said his community projects and philanthropic contribution to humanity will continue to benefit the human race.

The famous percussionist calls on musicians to use their artwork to make the world a better place to live.

He said music is not only about entertainment but also contributes to substantial economic benefits and the message an artiste portrait could give to human philosophy and thinking.


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