Poem By: Saffiyah Joof

Lock up in the looming penetrating rays of the sunlight, and wake up to a surprise call from the guitarist that beats the bowls that string against the kora.

Telling us the ancestors that we came from. In sweetness, at calmness, and in the most melodious voice of the griot.

Shallow the Tama to belt it on his waistband to call the shots of the Island, that vibrates through the mangrove swamps to say one word of our names.

The bird groups sing it along as lonely valleys appear in the forest that shock the snake to hiss, the frog to jump, the lion uproar, and the sheep run for its life.

You and I!
Pauses for the wrapper thrown at us. The traditional wear that we owed to curse betrayal trials, revitalizing the most secretive spores of the body to be seen, the aroma experience, to feel the phrase that is makeable of the clan to distance ourselves from that scourge.

This sensation, this formation, and the second deem light that our hands cherish, our minds bind, urging us to remain silent from the inner heart that is freezing down with so much energy to clear the rough life.

You and I !!!
You can come to that stream,
You can, could appear in my dreams,
You can float to the periphery,
You can find me at the seashore,
You can get to the gears of the stirring,
You can see me tall to the order of your energy.
You can one more tell me, is this lust or love?

#The Alkamba Times

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