Young Artist Links His Slow Growth to Witchcraft

Omar Mario Nyassi

Omar Mario Nyassi, a sensational young Gambian singer and songwriter who goes by his stage name as El Presidente Zimzima, has linked his slow growth and inability to reach his peak in the center of Gambian music to ‘witches and wizards”, claiming that they have been behind his slow pace.

Reaching out to The Alkamba Times, the young singer claimed that he began his musical career brightly, but everything hit the rock suddenly, a slow pace he linked to certain people.

“Immediately after graduating, I started recording my debut album with solid international collaborations, but everything suddenly stopped. It is just like I was carrying the world in my head. I went through a lot that I wouldn’t like to share everything on the media,” he explained to TAT.

According to him, after experiencing strange things in his musical career after a bright beginning, he consulted different marabouts, and all will link his slow growth to what he described as witches and wizards. He remarked that he wanted to help his mum and would have been popular today, something he believed was the reason for what was happening to him.

“I went to different “sources” with my mom, and all they said about me was the same. “They said witches and wizards and the ones behind me all these years, destroying everything good that’s trying to reach me. If not, I have already moved my mom from the end. I will be trendy and successful, which they don’t want to see.” Who knows, they could even be my family members, friends, relatives, or even my neighbors,” he explained.

Young but downhearted and discouraged over what’s happening to his life, he claimed that sometime last year, a charm was thrown at him meant to cripple him.

“Ending last year, I witnessed hell on earth. They threw a local bad charm called “Rorrteh” on my leg. It’s obvious that they wanted me to die and cripple,” he told TAT.

El Presidente Zimzima, as he was popularly called, dreamed of making a go-off in the music industry and helping his mom with his talent in music. He explained that many young people may be going through the same scenario.

A bright and talented singer, his dream of becoming a top star in GamMusic is now Hanson, primarily linked to his belief that certain people are responsible for his slow progress.


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