19 UDP Candidates submit nominations to IEC to compete against NPP in KM

Supporters of UDP seen in their yellow in large numbers /Right - Supporters of the most popular opposition wearing their yellow colours) Photo Credit: Alhagie Manka - State of Mic|Source @AlhagieManka (Facebook)

On Thursday, the opposition United Democratic Party of Ousainou Darboe filed nineteen nominations at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to join the race against president Adama Barrow’s National peoples party (NPP)in the much anticipated April 25th and May 20th Mayoral and chairman’s elections respectively.

The nineteen candidates of the yellow party were escorted by the executives and passionate loyalists of the Gambia’s second-highest political party.

These loyalists of the main opposition political party are confident of a massive victory in both polls.

Sanjally Kanyi, UDP Campaign manager for Latrikunda Sabiji constituency, says the understanding development of his party’s councilors over the past years is among the things that should motivate electorates to re-elect them in office for another four-year term.

Although the UDP’s turbulent political history with president Barrow’s National peoples party NPP, some members of the yellow party believe the political push and pull are irrelevant.

The UDP campaign manager for Latrikunda Sabiji believes politicians should be measured by their performance while in office. Therefore, his yellow councilors should be maintained in office to continue their development projects.

“But politics is not about whom you know; that is why I should vote for a particular candidate,” he advised.


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