Mayor Bensouda says politics is about the battle of ideas, preaching peace ahead of local Gov’t elections

Mayor Bensuoda

Mayor Talib Bensouda had announced that elections come and go, but an essential thing in life is to be peaceful towards each other.

“Politics is about nation building and is not about fighting and shaming each other,” Bensouda informs journalists shortly after submitting his nomination at the IEC. Instead, he told journalists that politics is about the battle of ideas.

He quickly disclosed that his party, the United Democratic Party (UDP), is concerned about the Gambia’s development.

“We urge the public to vote for us,” Bensouda called on Gambians.
However, he said that voting for his yellow party would be in their best interest because they are a development-oriented political party.

Bensouda says his party has demonstrated a good track record over the years, noting that if they are given the mandate to continue office, the public will see more development.

Despite launching several development projects across the Kanifing Municipality, he continues to receive widespread criticism, including the ‘Mbalet’ Project. However, will KM residents give him a second chance to run as their mayor?

Come May 20th, KM electorates will decide the destiny of their future mayor.


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