$4million Banking Scandal: Former Registrar of Companies Claims VISTA Was Wrongly Registered 

Vista Bank Building along Kairaba Avenue
Lamin Touray, former Registrar of Companies (ROC) has told TAT that VISTA BANK formerly of First International Bank (FIBANK) was wrongly registered to operate in the country. 
The former ROC was given the marching orders last year for revoking the registration of VISTA. 
Touray alleged that his decision to revoke the registration led to his dismissal from the Ministry of Justice. 
“My decision to revoke the registration of VISTA Bank was anchored on the fact that I was misled by Counsel Amie Bensuda to write and confirm ownership of the bank to Liliums Holdings,  when at the time there was a judgment obtained by Slok Nigeria Limited against Liliums Holdings,” Former ROC, Lamin Touray revealed. 
He added: “This fact, which was not known to me at the time and was later brought to my attention by Lawyers representing Slok Nigeria Limited who demanded that I withdraw the letter as it was in contravention of the judgment of the high court verdict.” 
The Former Registrar of Companies continued to allege that his decision to revoke the registration of VISTA Bank didn’t get down well with former Justice Minister Baa Tambedou. 
Touray added that his decision led to his transfer and subsequent dismissal from the Ministry of Justice. 
Alkamba has made effforts to speak to the current Registrar of Companies to shedlight on the matter to no avail. 
However, this reporter is in possession of three letters issued by the current Registrar of Companies, which were addressed to Lawyer Lamin Ceesay of Solie Law Chambers, legal representative of Lilium Holding Limited and also copied to the Attorney General, Solicitor General and Governor of Central Bank of the Gambia, highlighting the illegal change of name of First International Bank to VISTA Bank and strictly warned against the action. 
These developments come on the heels of a legal wrangle between FIBank and Lilium Holding Limited described as the biggest banking scandal in the country involving $4million Dollars.

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