Tribute to Eusebio Muloshi, A Lover of The Gambia 

Eusebio Muloshi
By: Madi Jobarteh 
The orbituary of Mr. Eusebio Muloshi has been announced in Zambia and he will be laid to rest in his home country tomorrow, Saturday. 
The Gambia should be grateful to the late Mr. Muloshi who deserves a posthumous national award for his exemplary and dedicated service to this country. Muloshi was such a determined person, full of life and humour and with an unshakable belief in The Gambia! 
Indeed many Gambians will remember Mr. Muloshi as a UN Volunteer over the last 2 decades and beyond when he worked in The Gambia at various institutions across the country dedicated to community development, decentralisation and other policy, governance and development issues. 
He was a key figure in the founding of GALGA, the association of local government areas. He spent his entire energy in building up local government institutions and communities with unprecedented passion and commitment. He was particularly involved with CSOs and TANGO in particular. 
Muloshi was indeed a strong ally of the civil society. I cannot count how many times he came to my office at Tango and we debated endlessly with passion the state of affairs of The Gambia and our institutions and how to move forward this country in those days! 
Mr. Muloshi was so much involved with the Gambia that he eventually married a Gambian and blessed with lovely children! One of them is our own Fatou Elika Muloshi, the young, beautiful and intelligent journalist at GRTS, full of esteem and confidence on our screen! A dear daughter to my humble self! 
Due to illness, Mr. Muloshi had to go back to Zambia where he answered to the call of destiny. Indeed he was as Gambian as he was Zambian! Here is one person that all Gambians and The Gambia Government in particular including local councils should honour and celebrate! 
Join me to pray for Allah’s mercy on Mr. Muloshi to grant him eternal rest in Janatul Firdawsi. Amen
For The Gambia Our Homeland


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