Alleged D11.1million Bribery Scandal Rocks Central Bank of The Gambia

The Central Bank of The Gambia Building in Banjul

Impeccable sources close to the Central Bank of the Gambia (CBG) have revealed bribery allegations amounting to eleven million and one hundred thousand dalasi (D11.1million) reportedly received by officials of the nations top Bank and two other International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials.

According to information gathered by this medium, one Ansuman Bah, a Gambian national and resident of Brusubi Phase 1, deposited one hundred and fifty five million dalasi (D155million) mutilated banknotes with the Bankers Bank on the 21st March, 2021 to be changed into new banknotes.

Reports say during that transaction, one Abdou Ceesay, a staff of the Central Banks currency development department demanded a bribe of D11.1million to facilitate the process that ended up failing.

Our source further revealed that the mutilated banknotes amounting to D155million were later uncovered to be fake banknotes currently in circulation in the country.

“What I can confirm is that Ansuman Bah, paid eleven million and one hundred thousand dalasi (D11.1million) to Abdou Ceesay, a staff at the currency department of Central Bank of the Gambia with the impression that he will change these monies to new banknotes. I can also confirm that Abdou Ceesay named more than eighteen staff of CBG and two other IMF officials who allegedly shared the bribed monies paid,” Our sources at CBG disclosed.

They continued to revealed that the mastermind of this scandal, Abdou Ceesay also confessed giving D2.8million and  D1million to one Alcel Kataciga and one Mr. Bojang respectively, adding that the duo are all IMF officials who helped in confirming the changing of these alleged banknotes.

The source also revealed that D1.4million was allegedly given to the mastermind’s immediate boss, one Mr. Jarju, adding that the Head of IT, Costodian of Vault, Syvester Gomez, Head of Vault and Head of Intelligence at the CBG, Basirou Janneh all allegedly received One million dalasi (D1million) to help in the process.

Other officials of CBG who reportedly received part of the D11.1million according to our source includes, the Head of Security, Omar Touray who was allegedly given D650, 000, and Deputy Head of Security Chikam Bah, who also allegedly received D600, 000, adding that nine (9) other night security guards also shared D450, 000 and D250, 000 went to the night security supervisor.

TAT has done all efforts to speak to both the Governor of Central Bank of the Gambia, Buah Saidy and his deputy, Basaikou Jabbie to shedlight on the matter to no avail.

Our reporter also reached out to the Alleged mastermind of the D155million scandal to confirmed the veracity of the allegations but he declined to speak on the matter.

However, this medium got credible information that one Lamin Ceesay of Solie Law Chambers, legal representative of Ansuman Bah has threatened to prosecute Abdou Ceesay of the CBG if the D155million is not refunded to his client.

Lawyer Lamin Ceesay, failed to receive our calls and messages to this effect up to the time of the publication of this story.



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