Senegalese Ambassador Affirms “No Condition was Attached for Release of Seven Soldiers by MFDC”

Senegalese Ambasador to Gambia

Basirou Saine, Senegalese Ambassador to The Gambia told TAT that no condition was attached for the released of seven (7) Senegalese soldiers serving in the Ecomig mission in the Gambia.

The seven soldiers were captured during fierce fighting between ECOMIG forces and separatist rebels loyal to Salif Sarjo of the Movement of Democratic Forces of Cassamance (MFDC), last month along the Gambia’s borders with the Senegalese Cassamance region.

Local media confirmed the death of four soldiers including the capture of the released Senegalese soldiers.

“There was no condition attached for the released of these soldiers. It was based on humanitarian grounds that resulted to their released,” According to Basirou Saine, Senegalese Ambassador to The Gambia.

He added: “There was no exchange of prisoners, just as I tell you, it was purely humanitarian.” Ambassador Saine told Alkamba.

Ambassador Saine, further disclosed that there was no exchange of prisoners between Senegalese military and rebel forces of the MFDC, noting that the negotiation to release the soldiers were led by the International Red Cross Association, ECOWAS and The Gambia Government.

According to him, all the released soldiers are in  good state of health, adding that they were not maltreated and are not suffering from any bodily harm.


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