CBG Bribery Scandal: IMF Banjul Office Denies involvement of Staff

Momodou Barry - IMF Boss in Banjul

Following the publication of our investigations into one of the biggest corruption scandals in the country involving the officials of the Central bank of The Gambia, the country representative of the International Monetary Fund Banjul has categorically denied the involvement of its staff in the scandal.

Momodou Barry told Alkamba Times that none of the names mentioned in the reports are staff of the IMF Banjul office.

Ask further if his staff is involved, Barry said none was involved but our investigation reveals that two IMF staff were involved in the scandal.

According to information gathered by The Alkamba Times, one Ansuman Bah, a Gambian national and resident of Brusubi Phase 1, deposited one hundred and fifty-five million dalasi (D155 million) mutilated banknotes with the Bankers Bank on the 21st March 2021 to be changed into new banknotes.
Reports say during that transaction, one Abdou Ceesay, a staff of the Central Banks currency development department demanded a bribe of D11.1million to facilitate the process that ended up failing.
Our source further revealed that the mutilated banknotes amounting to D155 million were later uncovered to be fake banknotes currently in circulation in the country.

Reports say the mastermind of the scandal, Abdou Ceesay also confessed to giving D2.8 million and  D1million to one Alcel Kataciga and one Mr. Bojang respectively, adding that the duo is all IMF officials who helped in confirming the changing of these alleged banknotes.

But the IMF Boss denied these allegations.

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