Celebrating Living Legend Hon.Halifa Sallah

Hon. Halifa Sallah
Poem By Saffiyah Joof 
Dear Honorable, 
You’re the legend that I accord, 
Never been recorded frauds in our court. 
You stream the generation palm tree, 
A man full of perception and not deception means.
You’re the leader with a unique voice, 
That during the political impasse, 
You stood up to settle the climate. 
You’re The Gambian Palm Tree, 
With shoots of fruits that I still question how we afford to miss it. 
But your chapter in the struggle, 
Shall never be closed in our books. 
I thought much of your famous quotes, 
“That Seeking knowledge is useful, 
it’s not just a tool for darkness but a light in our hearts”.  
When we shouted for Halifa by force,
He taps to Halifa by choice, 
The blueprint of his dignity, 
Is greatly guided by his integrity.
Therewith, his depths of wisdom,
Surpasses our eardrum to listen. 
Therewith, your leadership styles, 
So affordable, yet our people refused to buy it.
You’re more than a page in our democracy,
A garden for the generation to harvest,
Your results demonstrated outstanding.
You’re a face brethren, 
Nearer to our jugular veins.
Yet my people afford to miss it. 
Your fight for injustices
You and Honorable Sedia
Imprinted that mission  on our two palms, 
Expired not, you’re a spider in our minds,
More like a stain on our walls. 
You prepared the ground for the Evolution of our generation, 
Part of It which you enforce clarity, 
And a commitment to your country. 
Should I tell you a little bit of history?
When he went for eye surgery,
His doctor advises him to stay, 
But patriotism couldn’t let him be,
And this is what he has to say, 
“Fiance is the lifeblood of every nation and he can’t afford to miss the section”. 
On a scroll folded, humble in his works,
Withness not, even an atom of corruption 
In his traits, 
None on earth can cleave a thunder, 
but Halifa And Sedia are like a rockstar in our “Hallam”, 
Yet my people afford to miss it. 
When he doth, take heed,
Halifa is a full university, 
He sets a sealed in our hearts, 
His a rare special Apple, 
That even a toddler can not disapprove 
He got retired from politics, 
But retired not in our minds.
A fearless man with sharp fruits, 
A legend in our path, that sadly, 
The Gambia has missed the chance.


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