Christmas Message: President Barrow hails Christian Community for preaching Peace

President Barrow

In his televised Christmas message on December 24, 2022, President Adama Barrow thanked the Christian community for their continuous preaching of Peace and harmony.

“I have to seize this occasion to thank the Christian denominations and their leadership for continuing to preach peace and harmony for the betterment of humanity and for encouraging their congregations to engage in positive actions that promote peaceful coexistence,” the President said.

President Barrow further urged the Gambian population to use religious and political diversity as a source of strength, learn to accept their differences, and take to reconcile as a people.

He reassured his Government’s commitment to uphold the right to religion and practice and not to interfere with the laws of the land in maintaining Peace, stability mutual coexistence.

Meanwhile, the President also acknowledged the impact on the global chain of supplies and the hiking prices of commodities.

“I urge The Gambia Christian Council to encourage the Christian community to look inward in building resilience against the global crisis and invest in agric-business for economic wellbeing and self-reliance,” he said.

“Let us exploit the opportunities the Government is creating to improve livelihoods. Despite the global challenges, we are developing policies that allow citizens to explore the country’s potential to develop rapidly,” President Barrow appealed.

Barrow concluded by praying for the lives lost over the years, those living with ill health and lying at home or admitted to hospital, and those in sorrow or prison due to a miscarriage of justice or for no fault of theirs.


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