Qatar- Based Gambian International Fitness Coach Breaking Barriers as he competes in the US

Moe, as he fondly called, competed against hundreds of other fitness players in the Olympia competition.

By: Foday Manneh

Gambian International fitness trainer and coach Moe Ibrahim Seckha was amongst competitors in the Mr. Olympia amateur fitness contest in the United States of America this month.

Moe, as he fondly called, competed against hundreds of other fitness players in the Olympia competition. But, for the Gambian, there was more to take from this competition other than the result.

“It was amazing to step on the biggest stage in the world in Las Vegas. I had so much fun,” he said.

“I met so many people I looked up to for years, and being able to sit with them and exchange ideas is something I am still trying to wrap my head around. It’s like a dream. I am very much inspired,” Mo added.

The Qatari-based Gambian and professional bodybuilder has been working out since his days in The Gambia before traveling to the gulf country in 2013.

Fitness Trainer Moe Ibrahim Secka

Despite finding it hard to settle in a new home elsewhere, Mo thought continuing his daily workouts was the only way to free himself from unnecessary stress and nurture a peaceful mind.

However, the young man will later secure a job at a mall in Qatar, where his hobby will become a potential career.

“I got a job at a mall which has a Sports Center called “Go Sports,” where we sell all kinds of sports equipment, and I got into working out even more,” he said.

“I started to meet fitness coaches who come to buy equipment from us. So I was inspired by them before I got into the field.”

These newcomers came into Moe’s life and supported him in development by giving him ideas and other ways to explore becoming a professional gymnast.

Moe in Training session

“Being in good shape at the time, these people encouraged me and gave me links to study. From then on, everything started for me,” Seckha acknowledged.

The gymnast left his job at the mall, where things started unfolding for him. First, however, he chose to entirely focus on his fitness career.

“My philosophy is one word, and that is progress. I believe in setting goals and moving towards them. I just do not want to be in the same place.”

“My approach to training and everything else is that if I can lift 100kg today, I need to see that I am doing a bit more than that tomorrow,” he underscored.

Like many young Gambians, Seckha’s dream was to travel and take care of his family back home. Now that he achieved a bit of that, his lifetime goal seems to have taken a swift career.

“I came a long way. I am at a place I never saw possible five years ago. As a coach, I want to be one of the best coaches in the world and, hopefully, help as many people as humanly possible to reach their health & fitness goals.”

For him, the fitness industry is way more than keeping a physical appearance; instead, this comes with other benefits.

“I think it is essential to take care of oneself physically and mentally,” he said.

“It opened doors for me that I could never imagine. I trained high-profile people here in Qatar, such as Ministers, CEOs, etc. I see no other way I would be in contact with them if I was not their coach,” Mo stated.

Moe has challenges but described them as “not very serious abnormalities.”

“The thing takes so much of my time, and it is hard to be away from your family for that long time. Training and dieting are hard, but that’s the fun part,” he said.

The Qatari-based Gambian bodybuilder urged fans worldwide, especially Gambians, to follow him on social media, particularly on Instagram and YouTube as moe_fit_qatar.

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