Comium The Gambia: Massive Queues at all Customer Care stores demanding SIM cards during network expansion and testing


In a remarkable display of leadership, Mountasser Hachem, Monty Mobile’s visionary Chairman, revived Comium in just five days, as the mobile operator made history with a record-breaking number of new customers. Having successfully fulfilled his promise to bring 4G+ to Comium in less than three months, Hachem personally visited Comium’s premises to reinforce the management by devising strategic moves, which included offering 4G+ data service for free as it is still under the testing phase; this way subscribers and new joiners would revert with their feedback for Comium to improve the network in record-breaking time. This tactical decision resulted in the Gambian Community gathering in massive queues at all Comium points of sale as they were thrilled to get their SIM cards.  

Moreover, Mountasser injected the same excitement and sense of belonging among the company’s employees as experienced by the Gambian community. He rolled up his sleeves and restored motivation across all boards while engaging with all departments, listening to their challenges from a technical and operational perspective, and bringing renewed purpose and vision into Comium while engaging with the customer service teams to ensure exceptional assistance and service to every customer.

Meanwhile, a wave of excitement and anticipation is sweeping across the nation as Comium returns under the management of Monty Mobile. Comium’s comeback has sparked joy and enthusiasm among Gambians, who have always held a special connection with this esteemed telecom provider. With an impressive revamp and the swift installation of a cutting-edge 4G+ network, currently still under network expansion and testing, Comium aims to become an innovator for transformative change where it strives to offer Gambians an unmatched mobile experience. 


Comium’s strategic decision to upgrade its operations and introduce state-of-the-art infrastructure is revolutionizing connectivity in The Gambia. The rollout of its highly anticipated 4G+ network has captivated the nation. Comium believes instead of waiting for a fully optimized network, which is a traditional way for operators, it has taken a challenging decision to engage Gambian and tell them “We Care” by offering them free data during this testing period so that they become a part of revamping Comium while saving money.  This incredible demand showcases Gambians’ trust and loyalty in Comium, recognizing it as an essential part of their daily lives. 


To express gratitude for the dedication of Comium’s employees, which projects one of Monty Mobile’s core values, “Great Place to Work,” a gathering was organized as a symbolic tribute to their strength during challenging times. This event celebrated their contributions and recognized their essential role in Comium’s success and revival. It exemplified the deep appreciation and recognition of those who consistently go above and beyond to drive the company’s growth and achievements. 


Mr. Hachem’s unwavering belief in Comium’s potential to shape the future of telecommunications in The Gambia is driving this transformative journey. With a focus on innovation and an exceptional mobile experience, Comium’s revival under the management of Monty Mobile marks an extraordinary chapter in the company’s legacy, delivering unparalleled connectivity and a renewed sense of excitement for Gambians. 


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