Fatty Capital – The Emergence of the First Gambian Investment Hub and the Need to Invest in The Gambia

UK-based Gambian Business Magnate Almamo Fatty

Africa is undergoing a transformative shift. With its rich natural resources, a rapidly growing middle class, and improved political stability, Africa is rising as a promising investment destination. One country that stands out among the emerging African nations is The Gambia. 

This small West African nation offers a range of investment opportunities. It is becoming a beacon for those looking to tap into the continent’s vast, rich, and limitless potential.

While this transformative shift sounds positive and promising for the average African entrepreneur, one may ask the obvious how, when, what, and where questions.

Fatty Capital is here to help you understand and navigate your way through the ranks to becoming one of Africa’s greatest African investors. With a wealth of knowledge in understanding Africa’s Economic climate, Fatty Capital is a global company based in the UK, and also registered in the Gambia, dedicated to a local outreach of raising funds from Gambians in the Diaspora and at Home and investing these funds across multiple sectors to create and manage investors’ wealth and help The Gambia’s most ambitious change-makers define the future.


Over the past decade, Africa has witnessed a significant rise in homegrown investors, driving economic growth from within. These African investors are reshaping the continent’s business landscape, diversifying their portfolios, and contributing to job creation. Moreover, having a deep understanding of local markets and cultural nuances, these investors possess a unique advantage in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that international investors may overlook.

Since Africa’s investment landscape has undergone notable changes, primarily due to increased political stability, improved governance, and a focus on economic diversification, the African investor is now expanding beyond traditional sectors like Fintechs and related finance companies, agriculture, and mining and embracing technology, renewable energy, infrastructure, and hospitality. This shift drives innovation and creates an environment conducive to sustainable economic development.

The Gambia, known as the Smiling Coast of Africa, presents various investment opportunities across various sectors. The Gambia has stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife. As a result, it attracts tourists worldwide seeking sun, sea, and adventure. As a result, tourism and hospitality investment offers enormous growth potential, including hotel development, eco-tourism ventures, and supporting infrastructure projects.

The Gambia has immense agricultural potential with a favorable climate and fertile soil. Investing in agribusinesses such as crop cultivation, livestock farming, and food processing can drive economic growth, address food security challenges, and create employment opportunities.

To support its growing economy, The Gambia requires substantial investments in infrastructure, including transportation networks, telecommunications, and power supply. Consequently, infrastructure projects offer attractive investment prospects and contribute to the country’s overall development.

Fatty Capital works with its clients as one team with a shared ambition to create an income pool from which investments can be made across different areas of the Gambian economy. By doing this, we commit to redefining The Gambia’s industrial complex while creating wealth for all our stakeholders. In addition, we complement our tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver faster and more enduring outcomes that are better, safer, and more profitable.

Our 5-year commitment is to invest more than $100 million in various businesses and services in The Gambia and also around the world, bringing our talent, expertise, and insight to organizations tackling today’s urgent challenges in the financial, housing, insurance, Fintech, and e-commerce, entertainment, agriculture, and education sectors.

The emergence of the African investor is a testament to the continent’s remarkable progress and untapped potential. As Africa rises as a global economic force, The Gambia, amongst many other African countries, presents exceptional investment opportunities across multiple sectors. By investing in The Gambia, not only can you contribute to the nation’s development but also benefit from its vibrant business environment, favorable investment policies, and young and talented workforce. As the African investor takes center stage, the time is ripe to seize the opportunities Africa, especially The Gambia, has to offer.

At Fatty Capital, our brand vision is to promote racial and tribal equity, social justice, economic development, and empowerment for Gambians. We have an ambitious plan of creating over 300,000 jobs for Gambians in Gambia and within the world and to create wealth for Gambians through their investments. These engagements will enable us to raise 1000 new Gambian millionaires.

Fatty Capital is closing down on investments in the first Digital Islamic Insurance company coming soon in the Gambia, and every Gambian is urged to invest before the end of May 2023. Investments start from as little as D50,000 for a share and 1% share of the company at D500,000 as we raise capital of D50 million for the insurance for equity ownership for the company’s life. Investors will enjoy capital growth and dividend payments whenever the insurance makes a profit for distribution every year, whatever dividend is declared.

Other hot investments opening for investments in the Gambia soon are Taxi App, Booking App, and many more other overseas investment opportunities are investing in Supersonicz Money Transfer in the UK, Wisebanq, a digital bank in Europe from investments from as little as £1000 per share.

 We have different investment portfolios starting from just £1000 per share in various companies, based on the issued shares to give equal opportunities to all.

For more information about our unique investment opportunities in The Gambia and globally, visit our website at www.fattycapital.com or email us at info@fattycapital.com.

Fatty Capital was launched by the renowned Gambian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and millionaire investor, Mr. Almamo Fatty, a UK-based Gambia businessman.

Fatty Capital, invest for your future.


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