Fear among Gambian communities on the border as fighting continues

Personnel of Gambia Armed Forces Quick Reaction Brigade arrived at one of the affected communities moments after the Clash between MFDC and Senegalese Army

By: Mustapha Jarju

As the fighting between the Senegalese army and MFDC separatists continues, reports say shells are landing and bullets are straying into some Gambian frontier villages.

This was the case on Thursday morning when communities there woke up to sounds of heavy gunfire. It has caused fear and panic in the Foni villages near the border.

The Senegalese military last Sunday launched military operations against the MFDC separatist movement in Casamance.

The Alkamba Times contacted Musa Amul Nyassi, the National Assembly Member for the Foni Kansala Constituency, who said he received a call about the latest fighting and confirmed that bullets are straying into the communities of Birambai and Sarunga, the village before Kampant, because of the fighting.

He said soldiers from the Gambian army’s quick reaction force stationed at Kanilia have been sent to the affected communities and were shown spent bullets that landed in Gambian territory.

Hon. Nyassi further told TAT that he got information that the Senegalese Ecomig soldiers stationed at Bwiam are on standby, following last night’s disturbances near the frontier.


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