Finance Minister Announces new Increments on Immigration Taxes, Others

Hon. Seedy Keita Minister Of Finance & Economic Affairs

By: Foday Manneh

The Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Seedy KM Keita, has announced new revenue measures for immigration fees for non-Gambians, the excise tax on tobacco, and duty waiver application fees.

The Minister made this announcement during the tabling of the 2023 appropriation bill outlining budget expenditure at the National Assembly chambers on Friday, December 2, 2022.

Minister Keita, who addressed a fully packed assembly chamber in a long-winded speech the new changes are in line with the regional benchmark.

The naturalization and registration for ECOWAS nationals would increase from the current price of D5000 to D25000, and non-ECOWAS citizens from D15000 to D75000.

Other elements include Alien Cards, which would increase from D1500 to D2500, Entry Visa from D3000 to D7000, Entry Clearance from D3000 to D7000, Permit A for ECOWAS nationals from D1850 to D3000, and Permit B for non-ECOWAS citizens from D3100 to D5000.

The Hon. Minister also revealed new revenue measures for specific excise and environmental tax on cigarettes and cigars, which would increase from D30 per pack and D3.22 per pack to D35 per pack and D5.22 per pack, respectively.

“Excise tax on all other tobacco products will increase from the current rate of D399 per kilogram to D420 per kilogram, and environmental tax on all other tobacco products will add up to D200 per kilogram from D185 per kilogram,” says Keita.

For duty waiver application fees, returning diplomat rates are extended to D5000 from D2500, and Diplomatic Missions (embassies and UN agencies) are increased to D10000 from D2000. At the same time, donor-funded projects, NGOs, Charitable Organizations, and others add up to D15000 from D5000.


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