Hip Hop Lyrics: Cheers For The Scorpions

The Scorpions

By: Sidia Fabureh

Sidia Fabureh, The Poet

Cheers galore, as we steer towards, frontiers to show
Desire and love, in gears to score, and flare the turf gloriously
The scorpion ferociously sting, notoriously to win, and joyously bring,
Nationwide euphoria, relation tight as the pros there, dedication to thrive for goals clear,
As the amplification of delight when scores appear, my adulation in rhymes and flows inspire,
The fire lit under them, for an upmost spunk and strength, like a sumptuous number 10,
Play making, pace making, on a great stage this trailblazing, great praising names engraved in history
For victory in scripts of real legends, this reverence this second is major
This sensation is pleasure, this nation got treasure, no intimidation and pressure, can relegate this famous
Red white blue white green flag, elevate it for real that,
Inundate me with this hype, am motivated to give the right support,
So am elated that my rhymes will spur, Gambia to show and prove,
To The Gambia ever true
#Cheersforscorpions_Afcon2022 🇬🇲⚽️❤️


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