Police Charged Both Imam Bakawsu & Musa Saidy on Multiple counts

Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana

By: Foday Manneh 

Police Prosecutors in Banjul have filed multiple indictments against well-known and controversial Islamic Cleric Imam Bakawsu Fofana with another religious scholar in Musa Saidy.

“Imam Bakawsu Fofana and Musa Saidy were both cautioned and charged on the following counts: Bakawsu Fofana on three counts; indecent assault on females sec 126(3), unlawful assembly sec 7, and principle offenders sec 23 (6). Musa Saidy on two counts; indecent assault on females sec 126(3) and incitement of violence sec59 B (1),’ Spokesperson of The Gambia Police Force, Cadet ASP Binta Njie confirmed to Alkamba Times.

The arrest and detention of one of the country’s top Islamic scholars, Imam Bakawsu Fofana, came after a reported clash between his disciples and the followers of another Islamic teacher, Musa Saidy, in Tujereng on Sunday.

Bakawsu was called for questioning at Banjulinding Police station. The Police Spokesperson told the Alkamba Times that Imam Kawsu and Imam Saidy have all been charged on separate counts.

Other suspects involved were equally charged on various counts of criminal trespass and conspiracy, the Police said.

However, the latest report has that the Police are further investigating the case of Imam Bakawsu Fofana and Musa Saidy with their disciples.


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