President Barrow Inducing Independent Candidates To Withdraw – Reports


President Adama Barrow who is currently on his nationwide tour is meeting with Independent candidates and giving them gifts of money and promises of diplomatic appointment, according to reports received by The Alkamba Times, TAT.

The purpose of such inducement is to make them withdraw their candidature, and not to contest in the National Assembly election slated for 9 April 2022.

Sources told TAT that Independent candidates perceived to be strong contenders in ‘constituencies in the Central River Region (CRR) North of the country have been targetted.

President Barrow with NPP Pick Sainey Jawara for Lower Saloum Constituency

Our sources further said Barrow’s efforts in CRR resulted in the withdrawal of two Independent candidates.

“I can confirm that the President has conducted a series of meetings with many independent candidates in the region.”

Some of these Independent Candidates met him at the Ngain Sanjal, Pakala, and Kaur meetings, whilst others met him at his residence at the Governor’s Office on Tuesday, according to our sources.

Consequently, two Independent candidates namely, Malick Jassey of Lower Saloum constituency and Salieu Bah of Upper Saloum constituency, have already withdrawn their candidature.

They announced their withdrawal from the race at the President’s meetings in Kaur on Tuesday before they traveled to Janjanbureh to meet the President.

However, according to our sources, Biran Saine and Amat Secka, both Independent candidates in Lower Saloum, also met with President Barrow on Tuesday, but have said that they will not withdraw their candidature.

Another Independent candidate who reportedly met with President Barrow in Ngain Sanjal is Cherno Gaye of Upper Saloum.

Gaye is said to pose a big threat to Alhagie Ngum, candidate for the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) of Tourism Minister Hamat Bah, whose NRP party is in the alliance with Barrow’s National People’s Party, NPP.

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