Seedy Njie responds to Dou Sano and others as controversy erupts in NPP


Seedy Njie, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly of the Gambia and also the deputy Spokesperson of President Barrow’s National People’s Party NPP, has responded to Dou Sano and other national executive members of the NPP party following his response on a recent Standard Newspaper publication in which he responded to the leadership of the People’s Progressive Party PPP.

” I hear people asking questions about who directed me to comment on the standard newspaper, especially Dou Sanos and others,” the NPP deputy spokesperson emphasized.

 “I am the one who released the audio responding to the comments of the PPP leadership towards our party and our party leader,” Njie clarified.


He further said everyone heard the audio of Kebba Jallow, adding that he is surprised and disappointed when some party members ask what is happening.

Njie acknowledged that he sent them the audio for it to be published. “We, the national executive, know what is happening,” he disclosed.

He noted that if you are given a position of trust, you should maintain that trust, ‘don’t bridge that trust.’ 

” if you are a national executive member is a privilege you should protect. If you are in a government position is a privilege you should protect,” the deputy national assembly speaker advised.

The NPP’s deputy spokesperson says he will not take responsibility, adding that all the party executives knew what they agreed upon. 

However, he said the same national executive members are asking people to ridicule him.

” That is not going to annoy me,” he noted. 

Njie remains confident that NPP will win all the votes in his constituency in the upcoming 2023 local government elections.

 The NPP was founded in December 2019 by incumbent Adama Barrow to seek a second term in the 2021 Gambian presidential election when relations deteriorated between Barrow and his former party, the United Democratic Party (UDP).

In 2018, Barrow dismissed UDP party leader Ousainou Darboe as his Vice-President following disagreements.

However, barely two months before the upcoming 2023 local government elections, the party seems to be losing the trust of Gambians following its conflict with the kanifing municipal council leadership and countless corruptions scandal that engulfed the NPP-led administration. 

As the tiny west African nation gets close to the grassroots polls, the question remains: will the NPP make it in the local government polls? Then, come April 15th and 20th, Gambians will determine the future of president Barrow’s political party.

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