Treasure Women Warriors: Uplifting Rural Women’s lives through Agriculture


Official figures have revealed that women mainly dominate the Gambia’s agricultural Labour force, yet they continue to face numerous challenges in their pursuit to feed the nation through relentless efforts.

In this regard, a patriotic daughter of the Gambia, who once vowed to change her life and that of a thousand other women, returns to her family home Kiang Knuennella, to change the narrative of over six thousand women via agriculture.

Kumba Daffeh-Kah founded the Treasure Women Warriors, a women-led organization with the vision of uplifting women to financial freedom and uniting womenfolk to build more decisive leadership.

“As a daughter coming back, I wanted to do the work, I wanted to hear someday this is Aji Kumba’s daughter; so, I built the Treasure Women Warriors,” Kumba narrates the start of her life-changing mission.

To achieve their life-changing vision, they built a state-of-the-art headquarters in kiang Kwinella, raising over seven thousand women.
The passionate women advocate revealed that they built a bank in Mamorrfana village in five years, describing the initiative as a leading village scheme.

“I became a farmer,” she told Alkamba Times.

“What is our role and responsibility in this democracy that we talk about?” she asked.

Kumba believes that Gambians need to sacrifice and stand up for the country.

“We cannot be talking about this person is responsible, this person is responsible for that and that, and the government is the solution. No! We are the solution,” she stressed.

Despite uplifting thousands of lives, Kumba’s work is present in the presence of challenges.

“This work is difficult because they will sideline you, fight you, elbow you, let you know you do not belong here, and things will be denied from you because they said you are not one of us, and what constitutes one of us? We were born here, bred, our father was a founding member of political parties,” she narrates her daily ordeals.

So, who is more than all of us? Kumba raised a challenge.”

However, she said she and her women warriors stood in their strength and believed in it despite these challenges.

“When I was twelve years old, I made a deal with destiny; I was raised not by my biological mother, I when through issues, and I said someday, not only am I going to impact my life, but I am going to impact so many women.” she recollected her childhood vision.

Mrs. Daffeh wants women to make choices impacting their lives and communities.

Kumba Daffeh -Kah strongly believes women’s representation is essential for the Gambia’s development.

She also believes the tiny West African nation will only move forward if women are given their rightful societal position.


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