Trust Bank MD explains the negative impact of democracy on the banking system


Njilan Senghore, the Managing Director of Trust Bank, says it is very disheartening how people use their social media platforms so carelessly in the name of exercising their democratic rights.

Speaking at the recent public forum on the Gambia’s fifty-eighth anniversary, the Trust Bank MD added that they ignore the side effects of what they say and what they do on the rest of the Gambians.

“As far as I am concerned, I feel what you say and what you do is affecting my right in the way I want to do business in the way that I need to do it,” The Trust Back boss noted.

Mrs. Senghore revealed that Gambia, like other African countries, is facing severe risk from foreign international correspondent banks.

‘’’ And they do so because they feel like we do not have the right democratic structures to guarantee a good corporate governance system and a good regulatory environment; basically, they don’t trust us,” MD Senghore disclosed.

“And where did they get that information from? Is it from us and what we put on social media platforms” she responded.

The trust back MD noted that it is somebody’s job to sit down and look at adverse media daily.

“We are providing them with ammunition to say that they are right in their views of Africa,’ the top banking executive said.

She also noted that a correspondent bank would de-risk you and tell you did not do anything personally, but it is a country risk.

MD Senghore says that because Gambians do not respect each other, they post anything they like on social media, thinking they are fighting each other.

“If we do not respect ourselves, nobody else will. We cannot operate in isolation; we need the world; therefore, it is time to use our so-called democracy to make sure that we put ourselves in good light, “she cautioned the public.

“We need to be respected as a country, and it starts with us,” she reminded the Gambians.


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