CA Spokeswoman outline plans as she seeks SK West MP Seat

The Spokesperson of Citizens’ Alliance, Ms. Neneh Freda Gomez

The Spokeswoman of Citizens’ Alliance, Ms. Nenneh Freda Gomez has outlined her plans for the people of Serekunda West as she announces her intentions to contest for April parliamentary elections.

Gomez is the only woman from CA to announce her bid for the National Assembly seat after her party endorsed her candidacy.

Gambians will head to polls in April to elect members of parliament for another four after the December Presidential elections that saw incumbent President Adama Barrow winning reelection with over 50 percent of the votes.

Speaking to Alkamba Times from her based in Banjul, the CA Mouthpiece said: “
Historically, the role of women has been relegated to that of cheerleaders and unfortunately, this is still predominantly the case. Given the high price women disproportionately pay for the ‘privilege’ of bad governance, about time this representation deficit is leveled in the interest of all citizens. This is why I am contesting for the national assembly seat of my constituency, Serekunda West.”

“ For my contribution, I pledge to pursue these among many: Human Rights (especially those of women, children, and the differently-abled) ensure these are respected and enhanced, Accountability and Integrity; ensuring that the institutions which are under the purview of Parliament are appropriately held to account to deliver for the people; ensuring that corruption is dealt with through sound and implementable legislation, not lip-services or weak, ineffective legislation; ensure that laws passed and government policies serve the interest of the people rather than undermine them.” 

According to the young politician, her goal will be to ensure the Preservation of The Gambia’s sovereignty.

“ I will ensure that laws and policies do not undermine or erode the sovereign interest of The Gambia,” She told Alkamba Times.

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