JAC In Altercation As CEO & Vice Chair Dispute Over Payment Order

Haruna Barry, the Councilor for Kudang Ward in the Niamina East district, is now the acting Chairperson.

By: Foday Manneh

Tension has been reported between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Janjangbureh Area Council (JAC), Paa Sait Ceesay, and the Vice Chairman, Haruna Barry overpayment of transport allowance to embark upon an official duty.

CEO Pa Sait Ceesay

An insider source told TAT that the Vice Chairperson of JAC, who doubles as the acting Chair, has claimed for transport allowance to be paid to him to attend a function on behalf of the Council against the advice of the CEO.

“The row emerged when the Vice Chairperson claimed for transport allowance to attend an official function and the CEO, however, advised that he takes permission from the Chairperson who recently resumed work after 36 months of absence from work due to sickness,” he explained.

It could be recalled that in September of 2022, TAT authoritatively reported that Janjanbureh Area Council passed a resolution removing the elected Chairperson, Ibrahim Njanko Sanneh, who was indisposed and away from duty for years.

The source added that the JAC Vice Chair relied on this resolution and a letter sent by the Ministry of Local Government relieving the then indisposed Ibrahim Njanko Sanneh of his position as Chairperson.

According to our source, the Chairperson has written to the Ministry for his resumption but was turned down.

“Despite the ministry’s rejection, Mr. Sanneh insisted reported to work and has since been privileged to salaries due to him during the sick period when his service was terminated,” the source said.

The insider said the CEO also argued that the approach taken to discharge the Chairman from his duty was not without reproach, and therefore, the courts can only determine this.

Meanwhile, the Tuesday morning altercation between the two top local government officials ended in a police case as the CEO filed an “assault” case against the Vice Chair and was released on bail.

TAT contacted the CEO, who flatly declined to comment on the matter, while the Vice Chairman was unreachable at the time of our findings. 


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