NA Election 2022: Barrow’s NPP Wins 6 Out of 7 in His Native URR


By: Foday Manneh

President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP) won a majority of the seats contested in the Basse administrative area – six out of the seven in the National Assembly election held Saturday.

Among the casualties was veteran Gambian parliamentarian Hon. Sidia Jatta of Wuli West constituency, and GMC leader Mai Ahmad Fatty.

The official results announced by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) show the following outcome:

In the Basse constituency, Saikou Bah of the NPP has got a massive 5613 votes, Hagie Suwaneh of UDP 1666 votes, and Kebba J. Baldeh of GDC 806 votes. The two Independent candidates, Dawda Nenegalleh Jallow got 896 and Yusupha P. Baldeh received 882 votes.

In Jimara constituency, NPP’s Essa Conteh won with 6861 votes to unseat GDC’s seating MP, Alhagie H. Sowe, who secured 3504 votes, while Independent candidate Mama Salieu Jallow took 1296 of the votes.

Foday NM Drammeh of UDP got 2229 votes and was denied re-election in the Tumana constituency, after finishing behind Nfally M. Kora of the NPP who received 6559 votes as his successor.

Bilay G. Tunkara in Kantora constituency who joined the NPP from UDP won 4446 votes to defeat four other candidates.

In the southern part of URR, Nfamara Sabally of the NPP with 3359 votes sent both Sidia Jatta, the constituency’s long-serving MP, and GMC party leader Mai Ahmad Fatty packing with 2165 and 1235 votes respectively, in the Wuli West constituency where UDP’s Tida Kijera secured 958 votes.

The Sandu constituency voted for the NPP’s Ebrima Jaiteh who unseats the UDP MP seeking re-election, Muhammed Mahanera, and also defeated the Independent candidate, Saikou T. Drammeh.

However, in the Wuli East constituency, Suwaibou Touray of PDOIS pulled 4822 votes to be re-elected and defeated the NPP’s candidate, Nafa Jabai, who got 2472 votes, and GMC candidate Ebrima Conteh received 506 votes.

Thus after the final declaration of the results of the 2022 National Assembly election, Barrow’s NPP is dominant in the entire Basse administrative area with Essa Conteh for Jimara, Saikou Bah for Basse, Nfally M. Korea for Tumana, Bilay G. Tunkara for Kantora, Nfamara Sabally for Wuli West, and Ebrima Jaiteh for Sandu.

Only Wuli East constituency survived and remains in the hands of the PDOIS candidate, Suwaibou Touray, who got re-elected.


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