Our country is sick and needs Vitamin C is a metaphor’ Independent candidate Prof Bah fires back at critics


After coming under fire by a section of Gambian online community for his remarks that ‘Gambians are sick and need Vitamin C, one of the country’s youngest contenders for December 4 presidential election, Prof Momodou Bah alias MB2, has fired back at critics who he said took his statement out of context.

In a short statement, Prof Bah, who was among first candidates to file nomination documents with IEC, said in response: “Our country is sick and and needs Vitamin C’ is a metaphor that depicts the general situation of The Gambia and makes allusion to its solutions by linking it with the campaign colour (Orange) which is rich in Vitamin C. So now your assignment should be to find out the benefits of Vitamin C and link them to our current situation. Only the intelligent people will know that! To find out my program, you will have to read my political book called 4-3-3 ATTACK!”

In an interview with journalists on Saturday at the Election House, Prof Bah, leader of the African Federalism and Republican Orientation (AFRO) movement, said: “Previously I came with an orange colour that means Vitamin C because the country is sick. We need to give it medicine. We need to give it a Vitamin and orange is Vitamin C. I came with Vitamin C, but they told me someone already took it. So that is okay. We will have to add up a black colour. We will have to join orange and black now.”

An English language teacher, Prof Bah is a master’s degree holder who studied Africa and post colonial history at Cheikh Anta Diop, was born on the 2nd November1984 in Sinchu Balia, West Coast Region.

“I am proud to have been born in The Gambia, raised in The Gambia, and studied in The Gambia. That said, this beautiful country has given me everything; that’s why I decided to put myself at the service of The Gambia and the Gambians.
Additionally, I will fight day and night for this beautiful country. I want and dream a prosperous Gambia, developed in peace and harmony,” Prof Bah posted about himself on his official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Prof Bah also reacted to his colleague Momodou Bah 2, who said if he wins Dec 4 polls, he will build a wall between Gambia and senegal.

“This is a message to clarify a statement made by my fellow presidential aspirant
(Momodou Bah 2). Senegal and The Gambia are interrelated. I have studied in Senegal and worked there as a teacher for six good years. I was an activist promoting peace and integration between the two countries; through our efforts, we’ve witnessed the inauguration of the Senegambia bridge. So building a fence between these two countries did not come from me. As a pan-African, I will never promote cutting ties between two African countries particularly Senegal and The Gambia.”

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Sainey M.K. Marenah
Mr. Sainey M.K. Marenah is a Prominent Gambian journalist, founding editor The Alkamba Times and formerly head of communications at the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) and Communications and PR Consultant for The Gambia Pilot Program, under Gamworks. Mr. Marenah served as the Social media Strategist and Editor at Gambia Radio and Television Services. He is also the Banjul Correspondent for Voice of America Radio. Sainey is a human rights and developmental journalist who has carved a strong niche particularly in new media environments in the Gambian media industry. Mr. Marenah began his career as a junior reporter with the Point Newspaper in the Gambia in 2008 and rose through the ranks to become Chief correspondent before moving to The Standard Newspaper also in Banjul as Editorial Assistant and head of News. He is a household name in the Gambia’s media industry having covered some of the most important stories in the former and current government. These include the high profile treason cases including the Trial of Former military chiefs in Banjul in 2009 to 2012. Following his arrest and imprisonment by the former regime of President, Yahya Jammeh in 2014, Marenah moved to Dakar Senegal where he continues to practice Journalism freelancing for various local and international Media organization’s including the BBC, Al-Jazeera, VOA, and ZDF TV in Germany among others. He is the co-Founder of the Banjul Based Media Center for Research and Development; an institution specialized in research and development undertakings. As a journalist and Communication Expert, focused on supporting the Gambia's transitional process, Mr Marenah continues to play a pivotal role in shaping a viable media and communications platform that engages necessary tools and action to increase civic participation and awareness of the needs of transitional governance to strengthen the current move towards democratization. Mr. Marenah has traveled extensively as a professional journalist in both Europe, Africa and United States and attended several local and international media trainings.


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